04 mars 2007

Vivement la boite

Après avoir été un mauvais fils, un mauvais frère, un mauvais élève, un mauvais ami, un mauvais étudiant, un mauvais manoeuvre en maçonnerie, un mauvais ouvrier en usine, un mauvais journaliste-pigiste, un mauvais écrivaillon, un mauvais chômeur, un mauvais bricoleur, un mauvais assistant d'éducation, un mauvais animateur de club informatique,  un mauvais concepteur de jeu vidéo, un mauvais chef de projet amateur, un mauvais amant, un mauvais compagnon, un mauvais père, un mauvais beau-frère, un mauvais beau-fils, je me... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2005

Tribute to an old big leader

----- Original Message ----- From: Chung Ming Wu To: fabrice.demurger Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 2:45 AM Subject: Re: little help Wonderful!  Sounds great!  You're really good at it, and I'm sure you'll find something good! No news from other TNE team members...  haven't heard from any of them, actually... Jon ----- Original Message ----- From: fabrice.demurger To: Chung Ming Wu Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2002 6:04 AM Subject: Re: little help Hi Jon ! I'm confident... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2005

Tranche de log sur IRC

[#game-lab@worldnet.net] [10:25] * Bicou 14»»7 WinAmp 14«»7 Madness 14«»7 One Step Beyond 14«»7 00:07/03:31 14«»7 128 kbps mp3 14«»7 One Step Beyond... 14«« [10:25] <Bicou> /o/ [11:07] <slk_pasloing> "Sur internet, gentillesse est force." [06/01/2005 - slk] [11:10] * Bicou verse une larme [11:13] <slk_pasloing> "Sur internet, silence est imparable." [06/01/2005 - slk] [11:15] <slk_pasloing> "Sur internet, partage est richesse." [06/01/2005 - slk] [11:16]... [Lire la suite]
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27 décembre 2004

First Tune

Title : Xmas BBBabe Author : slk Style : Electro / Punk/ Rock Software : Tuned with Pocket Music Hardware : Powered on my GBA SPSoftware : Tuned with Pocket music - Jester Interactive and captured with CDex Format : .ogg Click here to Download (2 Mo) :  
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24 décembre 2004

_Living For Peace_Fighting for Digital Freedom_&_Copyleft Attitude_

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07 octobre 2004

Miettes de présent balayées par le vent

13H05, par un beau lundi. Une clope, un banc dans un coin tranquille du bahut à l'écart du chahut, 20 minutes à tuer avant la fin de la pause, léger vague à l'âme.Grand ciel bleu, petit carré de pelouse ombragé, léger air frais, instant agréable mais petit coup de blues, bicoz 25 heures me séparent encore du moment où je vais pouvoir prendre la route et retourner à la maison.   ----   Lundi, 8h25. Une table basse, un petit fauteuil, un stylo et mon carnet, quelques minutes à tuer avant de devoir quitter le... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2004

De la soul - Say no go lyrics

POS:Now let's get right on down to the skitA baby is brought into a world of pitsAnd if it could've talked that soonIn the delivery roomIt would've asked the nurse for a hitThe reason for this?The mother is a jerkExcuse me, JunkieWhich brought the work of the oldInto a new lightWhat a wayBut this what a wayHas been a way of todayAnywayPush couldn't shove me to understand a path to a baseheadConsumer should erase it in the first waveBut second wave forms believersAnd believers will walk to it then even talk to it and say...(You got the... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2004

[ Cypress Hill - Locotes ]

"Ese look at these two motherfuckers right here homes""So what you thinkin homes?""?? it turns around homes (watch out!)""Right, I got your back homes, cool""C'mon Ese let's go""Let's do this"[B-Real & Sen Dog]You don't want to turn your back on meWhen you least expect it, I come with a wicked methodI'm creepin on yaThink bout your homeboys bleeding on yaIt's the the locote coming out the boteI got a new jale jacking in the nocheGive me your feriaIn your pocket or they'll carry yaOff and bury ya in the Eastside area4 and 3 and 2... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2004

La ptitabeille

Maïa et son doudou
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24 mars 2004

[ The Stranglers - 5 Minutes ]

I need a dream where I can live what I said I need a place where I can make my bed I need a hole where I'll find darkness now And if you hassle me mister I might just loose my head Five minutes and you're almost there Five minutes and you're almost dead Five minutes and you're almost there Five minutes and you're almost dead They came home on Saturday night They killed a cat and they raped his wife And in their eyes there was fear and hate And when they spoke, they spoke with knives Five minutes and you're almost there Five... [Lire la suite]
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